The best gift a PM could get…

Krishnan Raghupathi
6 min readJun 5, 2022

3 ways Clockwise has helped me become a 10x product manager

Disclamer: I’m a PM at Clockwise and understandably biased, but all opinions below are my own.

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I’ve been a product manager for almost 15 years, and I’ve been lucky to learn so much over that time through trainings, from customers, on the job, and from my amazing colleagues and mentors. And yet, I’ve always wished I had more of one critical resource to help me grow in my career and add 10x more value.

That resource is time. ⏰ Specifically, the time to think deeply about user problems, develop thoughtful strategies and grow as a PM.

I’m not alone. A survey of 2500 product managers revealed that one of the worst aspects of the job was working on reactive tasks as opposed to proactive planning; almost always a symptom of not having enough focused time. The cross-functional nature of the PM role inherently necessitates a lot of context-switching, leaving very little time available to explore product paths, identify non-starters and refine product strategy.

And the pandemic added a few new wrinkles making this problem harder. As people went remote across a multitude of time zones and casual catchups shrank, I found I needed more time to bring the team along, deepen relationships, or even find the right time to meet. All this left almost…



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